Engagement Session Locations

The sky is the limit when planning where to take your engagement Photos. I love unique and personalized locations, like where you first met, a restaurant you like to go together, or where you spend your sunday afternoons. 

Victoria Beach, Laguna Beach    

*Overview  – Victoria Beach is a beautiful beach that features tidepools, beautiful rocky cliffs, and a unique castle like structure. 

*Limitations - Due to high tide and high swells, it is possible it will not be safe to shot at the rocky area of the beach.  Laguna Beach is beginning to enforce permit laws. They issue one permit per sunset a day which is $100. It is up to the client if they would like to purchase the permit. I have not yet been asked for a permit. 

Heisler Park, Laguna Beach 

*Overview  – Heisler Park is another beautiful beach for Engagement and Family Sessions. The rocky area easily accessable and there is  a beatufiul park above the beach that offers amazing views, a gazebo and some beautiful foliage. 

*Limitations - High tide can bring seaweed to the beach. 

Moulton Meadows, Laguna Beach

*Overview  – Moulton Meadows is located less than a mile from Victoria Beach. You will find golden fields, mountain views, and beautiful trees. 

James Dilley Preserve, Laguna Canyon

*Overview  – James Dilley Preserve is located on the 133 in Laguna Canyon. It is golden in  the summer and sometimes green in the winter with rolling fields and shady trees.  

*Limitations - The park closes at 5pm and there is no parking past that time. This park is ideal for winter and fall engagement shoots when the sun is setting before or at  7pm. 

Your Favorite Restaurant 

*Overview  – PIcking on of your favorite restaurants is always a great option. It can offer a unique and elegant backdrop. 

*Limitations - Permission from the establishment must be secured before the shoot by the client. This option is best in the fall and winter when the sun is setting earlier, so we  can start at the restaurant before the dinner crowds. 

Los Rios St, San Juan Capistrano 

*Overview  – Los Rios St in San Juan Capistrano is a quaint shopping district with a variety of rustic shops. The area also offers a train station with beautiful Brick Buildings. 

*Limitations - Some shops do not allow photos, and walking on the train track is not permitted.  

Caspers Park, San Juan Capistrano 


*Overview  – Caspers Park in San Juan Capistrano is a beautifully wooded park with plentiful large trees and high grass.. After winter you can find a small rocky stream. 

In Home Engagement 

*Overview  –  Choosing to do your engagement photos in the comfort of your own home is a great way to create intimate and personal session. Your style as a couple shows through, and you can even do the session in your PJ's!