Photography Style Guide 

My style has been described as real moments captured through vivid, crisp and dreamy imagery. I have an eclectic toolkit of styles  to pull from which is influenced by my environment, lighting, and client preference.  Before every wedding or portrait session, I have my couples make a "moodboard" of images they love! We discuss this in detail so I can get a better understand of your personal aesthetic.  My favorite way to photograph is pulling from all of the styles you see below to let my creativity fly.  Above all my style is romantic and fun!

Signature Style 

My signature style is vibrant and bright.  Skin tones are slightly warm and colors pop to give the images a flattering and beautiful aesthetic. 

Light and Airy

The light and Airy style is a popular look for wedding and engagement photography. It is bright, soft and romantic, just like weddings! It can be characterized by overexposed or "blown out" skies  as well as shooting in shady areas for  beautiful soft lighting.   

Dark and Moody

The dark and moody style is just that. Characterized by deep shadows and minimal highlights. This is a very fine art approach. I use this style sparingly on wedding days, but I love to have it in my back pocket for a few shots.   



Epic Style

For the epic style I use advanced lighting and editing techniques to create visually impactful and awe-inspiring images. Typically wide shots, these techniques include HDR photography, advanced off camera flash, and shutter drags.

Night Photography 

Night photography is an extension of the epic style. WIth use of long exposures and off camera flash techniques, the resulting images are vibrant and compelling. We can schedule your engagement session to end a bit after sunset, or sneak away during your reception! 


The editorial style uses posing and lighting that are influenced by fashion photography. Often times with more serious facial expressions are utilized and and dramatic lighting.